Our doors are officially open!

We're a team of industry vets from EA, Zynga, and Sony who formed Carbonated to build tech, culture, and games that allow us to talk directly to players and deliver the content and play experiences they want.

Our goal... deliver this Every. Single. Day.



Racing Rivals

Racing Rivals

Welcome to Racing Rivals, where milliseconds matter.

Jump behind the wheel and risk your ride as you challenge drivers around the world. Assemble your crew and dominate the turf. Tune & mod your car.

Live the life.

put it all on the line and race for pinks

Racing Rivals

There is nothing more exhilarating than a high-stakes race and nothing is higher stakes than racing for pinks.

"I just want to race for pinks, it boils down to that. If it was up to me every race would be 5m + pinks, hell take it way back... 10m + pinks. [ ... ] All BS aside it's the sole reason I play Racing Rivals. I'm not a gamer, I didn't play all these other games. I don't own gaming consoles. I have Racing Rivals."

// Rivals forum post Feb 2017

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credit where credit is due


A special thanks to GLU for being a founding partner, and especially to CIE Games for creating the Rivals experience and connecting us with some of the most passionate players in the industry.



We founded our company based on the belief that technology should come first, but work closely with business and creative. Our extensible live service platform uses predictive analytics, editorial and user-generated content as well as other secret ingredients.


Carbonated started with four people who have crafted and led multiple top grossing franchises such as Madden Mobile, Words With Friends, Zynga Poker Mobile and Simpsons Tapped Out.
Today we've grown to a team of over 25 talented individuals who all bring something unique to the table.

Travis Boatman

Travis Boatman

  • 20+ years
  • Mobile SVP at EA & Zynga
Lloyd Tullues

Lloyd Tullues

  • 15+ years
  • Global Tech Director, EA & Blizzard & Sony
Kolbe Launchbaugh

Kolbe Launchbaugh

  • 20+ years
  • Creative Director at EA & Sony
Chris Morf

Chris Morf

  • 15+ years
  • Managing Director Activate, McKinsey, IGA

Hard work comes naturally when you love what you do.

Drive and passion are what fuel Carbonated.

We're located near the beach in Sleepy Old Town El Segundo, CA.


If you need help in Racing Rivals, please use the in-game menus to contact Customer Support directly for the fastest support.

Otherwise, for all other inquiries email us at info@carbonated.com

133 Richmond St.
El Segundo, CA 90245